Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping – what is it? Why do you need it? And how do you set it up?

Is it going to be a game changer for your art business?

That depends on where you are at.

So, let’s explore the offering, then we can talk worthwhileness.

What is it?

Instagram Shopping has been around for a few months now and promises an in-app shopping destination.

Don’t fret if you don’t know too much, it’s still relatively new, so most people don’t.

Basically, it allows consumers to shop directly for products seen in posts, stories or ads without leaving the app at all.

Don’t be mistaken by the word ‘shopping’, it’s not the complete experience yet. While you can shop for products, you can’t actually buy them without leaving the app.

In fact, it’s only just been announced that checkout (Facebook Pay) will be available to all eligible US businesses in the coming weeks. Currently, there is no date set for release in Australia though.

Instagram Shop can be found inside Instagram Explore.

Finding Instagram Shop in Explore

Here you can browse products and brands, many of which are hand-picked specifically for you based on accounts and businesses you already follow on the platform.

These personalised recommendations are found in the “Suggested for you” section. Additionally, there is the option to browse via Collections and also the Shops Directory.

Jumbled Shop Page Example

You can also visit a shop directly from a business’ Instagram profile, or while scrolling through your feed and Stories.

As a business on Instagram, if you tag your products in photos, videos and stories then people can simply tap on a product and be able to see more info. For example, more rich descriptions, more imagery and related items in your own shop.

Once checkout is enabled in Australia, it will be a completely seamless in-app shopping experience with people browsing and purchasing directly through Instagram. Eliminating the need to direct them off the platform to your website.

Why do you need it?

If you are selling your art online, then you should be using Instagram Shopping.

For starters, there is HUGE audience reach. Almost all of us are on Instagram, at least 18 million Australians, according to research by We Are Social.

Here’s another big why, Instagram claims around 70% of shoppers use it for product discovery.

In other words, it’s where people go to look for stuff to buy.

Until recently, brands used Instagram to build and connect with an audience, with the aim of driving visits to their website or physical retail store.

Now, with Instagram Shopping, you can tag your products in photos, videos or stories and turn any post into an opportunity to sell your art.

What’s the best bit? The number one why?

It enables people to go from browsing to buying in fewer steps. And this is key to making a sale. End of story.

The more steps (clicks) people have to go through, the more chance for drop off. Not to mention it’s actually really hard to get people to stop what they are doing on social media, just to visit your store to find out more.

So, to summarise:

Fewer steps in the path purchase = less friction = tighter conversion funnel = higher sale conversion rate.

Oh, and another nifty feature if people aren’t quite ready to buy – the save or bookmark button. This allows potential buyers to save the product by tapping the icon on a product  page:

Instagram Shop Saving a Product

This will save to their wishlist.

It’s also another avenue for you to be discovered, as your shopping posts can be shared via Explore.

And finally, it’s free to set up so really what have you got to lose?

Will it be a game changer for your art business?

If you are already somewhat established in your art business (by this we mean you have your own website and are currently selling through this), then it may not be massively game changing.

However, it should at least increase your sales conversion rate. This could be a small increase or it could be huge and in fact game changing. Given it’s free to implement, it’s really a win-win scenario. You won’t lose anything, other than potentially some time to set up. So why not?

If you are a little less established in your art business, say for example you don’t have a website yet or you have a site but there is no payment functionality, then this presents a BIG opportunity. HUGE.

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