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How to choose the right frame for your artwork

Choosing the right frame for your artwork is almost an art form in itself. We all know presentation is key. But when it comes to artwork, choosing the best frame (or whether to even frame at all) can really change the impact of the piece. So, how to you choose the right frame? Ultimately, [...]

Edition printing – sizes, numbering and other considerations

Image credit: Sandon Gibbs-O'Neill (artist) Looking to make prints of your artwork? Typically, there are two options to choose from: Open edition prints Limited edition prints As the name suggests, an open edition print means there is no limit to the number of prints that can be produced. On the other hand, limited edition [...]

Instagram Shopping: Is it a game changer for artists?

Instagram Shopping – what is it? Why do you need it? And how do you set it up? Is it going to be a game changer for your art business? That depends on where you are at. So, let’s explore the offering, then we can talk worthwhileness. What is it? Instagram Shopping has been [...]

Want to build a website for your art? Here’s what you need to think about.

With platforms like Etsy, Bluethumb and Instagram, you might be wondering if you really need a website of your own? Or, how much extra value does a website add? And is it worth the time and cost to set up and maintain? While you can certainly get by without a website, if you want [...]

5 tips to deal with artist block

Whether you’re an artist, writer, designer or photographer, at times we all struggle to get the creative juices flowing. Now more than ever, that struggle is real. Many of us are dealing with pandemic or lockdown fatigue. This can be described as a feeling of being demotivated, sluggish or exhausted due to disrupted routines, [...]

How to care for your fine art prints

Being a fine art printing company, clients will often ask us for care instructions when picking up prints. Understandably so, when you invest in a quality print you want it to last.Here are our top six tips for caring for your art prints, most of which also apply to looking after original artwork too.Avoid direct [...]

Top 5 tips for artists to succeed on Instagram

Selling art on Instagram? Are you familiar with how the algorithm works? Or how to use hashtags? Are you applying basic marketing principles (such as AIDA) to the way you post? Instagram marketing isn’t complicated once you understand the way the platform works and how to put together a strategy that works for you. [...]

What kind of art sells most? And why you should take note.

Ever googled “what type of art sells most”? There’s actually not a lot of useful content out there. On the other hand, there is a tonne of information on how to sell your art.Makes sense, since artists generally begin their careers from a place creativity and passion. Then, after some time or interest, decide to [...]

Art reproduction – everything artists need to know

Image credit: Michelle Drougas (artist) Art reproduction is a little bit more involved than simply “getting prints made of artwork”. Not to be cryptic, but there is a process and an art to it. Even if you were to say it’s the process of professionally digitising your work and producing prints, you’d still be [...]

Digitise your art – how to convert artwork or drawings to digital files

Image credit: Jess Watts (artist) How do I turn my drawing into a digital image? How do I convert my canvas painting to a digital file? I need digital art prints of my work, how do I do this? These are all common questions and requests we get, and the process we use is [...]