The beginners guide to fine art printing

Image credit: Jenie Fawckner (artist) Fine art printing is often referred to as giclée printing or archival pigment printing. Despite the many names, they all refer to the exact same process. What is a fine art print? A fine art print (also called giclée print) uses pigment-based inks, archival quality paper and a wide [...]

Choosing print sizes for your editions? How to save time and money.

When it comes to art reproduction and choosing the best print sizes, many artists don’t consider the commercial pros and cons. And that’s understandable. Quite often, the business side of producing and selling art is a whole new field to grasp.  In this article we’ll explore one simple trick that can save you time [...]

Picking the Perfect Paper Stock

At Cie-Elle Digital we offer a number of premium fine art papers for your fine art reproductions and digital prints. In this blog we break down our recommendations for selecting the perfect paper. When contemplating paper stocks firstly ask yourself, ‘What is the medium of my artwork or artefact? Is it sleek photography? Is [...]