Artwork Scanning

When it comes to scanning artwork, no other scanning system or camera comes close!

Our Cruse scanning system captures artworks at over 400mega-pixels (which means we capture all the detail and colour)

The secret to a fantastic reproduction is in the scanning. Our German built Cruse flatbed fine art scanning system allows for artworks to be scanned in one pass. Original artworks can be on paper, stretched canvas, within frames. Just about any substrate can be captured at the highest quality and don’t think we can scan something glossy? WRONG..! our Synchron™ lighting system which gives extremely even light across the entire painting meaning anything behind glass, on metal or metallics are a breeze!

Size is no problem! With our massive table size of 1500 x 2400mm we can scan almost anything even a person! We scan artworks as individual pieces or you take advantage of our multiple artwork scan where you can scan as many as 20 small artworks together!

Want to dive deeper?……into the texture of your original artwork?

We will take you on a journey where you can explore the texture of your original within the image that’s been captured. The artwork scanning achieves a level of depth never before seen in a digitised file – this makes it the best and only option when thinking of scanning original artworks with texture and relief.

For safety reasons, no contact is made with the original artwork surface, each artwork is scanned face up and protected at all times.

With our friendly and prompt service, knowledge and superior artwork scanning equipment look no further. When digitising your artworks capture every important detail and all the colour information, DON’T settle for 2nd best.

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