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Artwork scanning

Achieving the perfect fine art print begins with the perfect artwork capture.

Even if you don’t intend to make prints initially, digitising your artwork professionally ensures you have the best possible raw files. For whatever purpose you may need in the future.

Why digitise your artwork?

For many, artwork scanning as opposed to art photography, is the preferred method for digitising art.

Having your artwork professionally scanned (at 300 dpi or higher in 1-1 scale) will produce a super high resolution digital file. This will enable you to print in almost any size with superior quality.

You can even print in sizes larger than your original artwork with amazing detail and clarity.

Artwork scanning high resolution

Artist credit: Michelle Drougas

Our German built large format flatbed scanner is the most advanced scanning technology available in Australia. This exceptional Cruse scanner captures artworks at over 800 megapixels, achieving a level of depth never before seen in a digitised file. This is artwork scanning at its best.

Any size, any material

With a massive table size of 1400 x 2200mm, we can scan artwork in just one pass. Original artworks can be on paper, stretched canvas or within frames. Just about any substrate can be scanned and captured at the highest quality. Even glossy artworks pose no problem for this technology. Our Synchron™ lighting system gives extremely even light across the entire painting. This means that anything behind glass, on metal or metallics are still a breeze.

The details

To give you an idea of the sheer size of our unique scanner, we can scan the following as a group:

1x table scan = 20x A4
1x table scan = 15x A3
1x table scan = 8x A2
1x table scan = 4x A1
1x table scan = 2x A0

Discounts for multiples

We can scan artworks as individual pieces or you can take advantage of our multiple artwork scan. It is possible to scan up to 20 small artworks at one time. Contact us for more detail on this option and to discuss the requirements.

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But when you combine these two together (and add a few more steps), we’re talking about a process – art reproduction. This is a huge part of what we do.

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giclee printing service Sydney

Image credit: Jenie Fawckner

We take this stuff (not ourselves) very seriously 

We are sticklers for detail at every stage of the process. For safety reasons, no contact is made with the original artwork surface, each artwork is scanned face up and protected at all times. We look after your work as if it were our own.

A snapshot of our recent work:

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