Paper selection options

Selecting a paper for your fine art prints

Choosing the right fine art paper for your prints is a very subjective process. It purely depends on the look and feel you would personally like to achieve for your artwork. For example, the same image can be printed on a smooth cotton rag paper or a textured watercolour paper but the appearance of the final print can look quite different.

Part of our friendly service is to guide you through the paper selection process, but ultimately it’s a personal choice. So our advice is to take the time to get to know your options. We can also arrange physical samples on request (if you ask us super nicely).

Fine art paper types

When it comes to fine art archival quality papers there are two main categories – matte papers (matte finish) and photo papers (satin/gloss finish). We have a range of premium options from respected suppliers like Canson and Hahnemulhle. The lifespan of our prints on these papers will outlive us all, you’re looking at 75-100 years if stored and cared for properly.

Fine art printing paper

Do I have to use fine art archival quality paper?

Definitely not. We have other more inexpensive paper options available. Once again it depends on what you want to do with the prints, and we can help guide you and offer advice during the paper selection process.

Fine Art Papers – Matte Finish

Canson Photographique Photo RAG – 310gsm (5 star rating)
Our most popular, highly certified, premium quality paper. Made in France from 100% cotton the Canson Photo rag has a beautiful smooth, matte finish perfect for artwork, illustration and photography reproduction. 

Ilford Galerie Photo RAG – 310gsm (4 star rating)
Another smooth, matte 100% Cotton fine art paper made in Italy.
Used for art, illustration and photography reproduction.

Hahnemuhle German Etching Textured – 310gsm (5 star rating)
A premium, textured 100% cellulose archival paper. Perfect for prints requiring a defined background texture.
Think watercolour paper.

Fine Art Paper – Metallic Silver Finish

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Metallic – 340gsm (5 star rating)
A premium glossy metallic paper complete with the expected pearly sheen and subtle eggshell-like texture that you may be familiar with in a textured Photo Rag paper. Perfect for obtaining vivid colours with a pearlescent, high gloss sliver finish.

Photo Papers – Satin/Gloss Finish

Centurion Photo Silk Paper – 285gsm (4 star rating)
High quality photographic paper perfect for obtaining brilliant colours with a satin finish.

Centurion Metallic Pearl Paper – 255gsm (4 star rating)
A premium, high end photographic paper perfect for obtaining vivid colours with a pearlescent, high gloss finish.


Breathing Color Lyve Canvas – 450gsm  (5 star rating)
A polycotton canvas with a bright white, matte finish. Lyve utilises a break-through whitening technology to provide the most stable canvas on the market for true colour replication and ultimate longevity. 

HELIXx® Eclipse Premium Canvas Light – 320gsm (3 star rating)
A polycotton canvas with a bright white, smooth matte finish. water resistance, good UV/increased fade resistance.

Other Papers 

ChromaJet Photo Matt – 230gsm  (2 star rating)
Our most affordable bright white, matte photo paper ideal for poster and decor arts production.

ChromaJet Satin Pro – 240gsm  (2 star rating)
An affordable satin sheen photo paper ideal for photography and poster production.

Star ratings refer to the archival and overall paper quality.
Other stock options are available on request.

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