Archival Scanning

Our Archival Scanning system scans up to a size of 1400 x 2200 in one pass. (Larger items can be scanned in sections and joined electronically). We can scan almost any item or object provided its no taller than 200mm in height.

Items that can be scanned on our large format scanner.

  • Conservation, archival and museum artifacts, antique and vintage collectible items.
  • Large artworks and paintings, botanical artworks, old posters, old photographs or printed material.
  • Circuit boards, forensic evidence, rare documents and books, memorabilia.
  • Old maps, delicate documents and technical drawings.
  • Marble, slate or granite slabs.
  • Tapestry, historical uniforms and materials.
  • Glass panels and timber slabs.
  • Roof and wall tiles.
  • Tools and electrical switches.

Our scanning system captures an amazing amount of detail, in fact when compared to current photographic methods or scan back systems we are in a league of our own with our superior high quality. So if you require image capture that shows all the very fine detail of your artwork or product, Please contact us to find out more.

There is no better scanning system if you’re looking to archive or reproduce the highest quality!

If you’d like some specific information, give our friendly team a call on 02 9638 1533 to discuss your needs we’ll be happy to give you some advice and a quote.