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Fine art printing

We are the artwork scanning and fine art printing specialists. Renowned for our world class scanning services, our core focus is helping artists of all skill levels and styles, digitise and reproduce their artwork to the highest possible standards. 

What makes us unique?

It’s the combination of having best in class technology, over 25 years industry experience and incredibly personalised service which comes from our tight-knit, passionate team. Don’t mistake our relaxed vibe for low standards though, we’re perfectionists at heart. Completely obsessed with the finest of details and achieving the perfect print every time.

Your needs

What are you planning to do with your fine art prints? How and where are you planning to sell your prints? Do you actually need museum quality paper? These are the type of questions we’ll run through with you because we understand every project has a different style and vision, and every client is equally unique. From here we can customise our advice and process to ensure your fine art reproductions exceed expectations.

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Fine art prints from $15

As a professional giclee printing service we provide a range of materials to cater to all artists, whatever the need or budget. However, providing a high-end fine art print is the end product of a detailed process. Achieving the perfect giclee print starts with the perfect artwork capture. For us, that’s a high resolution scan of your artwork using our german built cruse scanning system, the most advanced scanning technology available in Australia. 

Here is a quick overview of the Cie-Elle fine art reproduction process:

Can you supply your own digital files? Yes, but be aware that even the most professional digital camera can’t compete with the advanced scanning technology we have in-house. So if you are using your own files this may limit the size and quality of your giclee print. This would be due to lower resolution and focus of the artwork capture/poor file quality.

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The beginners guide to fine art printing

Fine art printing is often referred to as giclée printing or archival pigment printing. Despite the many names, they all refer to the exact same process. What is a fine art print? A fine art print (also called giclée print) uses pigment-based inks, archival quality paper and a wide format inkjet printer.  Sound straight forward? It’s not. There is actually quite a bit to the process and results can vary dramatically between printers. So, let’s run through the criteria that must be met to achieve a high quality fine art print. High resolution artwork capture Pigment based inks Wide format [...]

Choosing print sizes for your editions? How to save time and money.

When it comes to art reproduction and choosing the best print sizes, many artists don’t consider the commercial pros and cons. And that’s understandable. Quite often, the business side of producing and selling art is a whole new field to grasp.  In this article we’ll explore one simple trick that can save you time and money, over and over again.  When choosing print sizes, it’s easy to focus on your vision for the artwork. For example, you might prefer a particular size and material because it best reflects your work. However, that size might not be practical for the market [...]

Traditional printing Vs giclee fine art printing?

Essentially the difference comes down to the process – the type of ink used, the quality of the paper and the type of printer.  A fine art giclee print uses pigment based inks (not dye), archival or museum-grade paper and a wide format inkjet printer. Also let’s not forget that a truly superior giclee print starts with a high resolution artwork capture at 300 dpi or higher.

What can you expect from a giclee printing service? Print quality that is unparalleled. They provide noticeably better detail and quality than traditional prints, often making the print hard to distinguish from the original.

What size prints can you produce?

Using the very latest Canon PROGRAF iPF9400 we print in a range of sizes,  from smaller than 100mm up to widths of 60 inches (1500mm). Our fine art prints are always produced using the 12-COLOR LUCIA EX INK SET which allows us to acheive amazingly vivid colours right down to neutral subtle black and white tones.

Paper options

Choosing the right fine art paper for your prints is a very subjective process. It purely depends on the look and feel you would personally like to achieve for your artwork. For example, the same image can be printed on a smooth cotton rag paper or a textured watercolour paper but the appearance of the final print can look quite different. Part of our friendly service is to help guide you through the paper selection process, and while we can provide advice and recommendations, ultimately it’s a personal choice.

We use brands such as Canson, Hahnemuhle and Breathing Colour which gives us access to premium fine art photo rag papers, textured watercolour papers and premium archival canvas. Read more about our fine art paper options here.

Premium fine art printing materials

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