FAQ’s about Giclee printing

What is the life expectancy of a Giclee Print?

With the use of pigment inks and premium quality paper or canvas and displayed under the correct lighting conditions prints should last (85-100 years) without noticeable fading. Unfortunately, the fact is that most things that have colour will fade over time if they receive any exposure to UV light.

Understand that all testing is done under a controlled environment. No matter how much care we go to in providing the finest quality product, once it enters the purchaser’s environment we have lost control.

We recommend that you care for your Giclee reproductions the same as you would your own originals, keep them away from direct sunlight and water and don’t use any chemicals or cleaning agents.

For more information about the research
visit: www.wilhelm-research.com

Do you varnish your canvas?
Yes our canvas prints are finished with a varnish coating which are available in either satin or gloss finish.

Can I Embellish or paint on top of my prints?
Yes, you can!
You can use acrylics on canvas and pencils, pastels or watercolour on paper giclee prints.

How long does the Giclee process take?
If we are working directly with your originals we would normally allow 3 to 5 days