Colour Matching and Proofing

Giclee printmaking at it’s BEST.

Colour Matching and Proofing or better know as Colour Correction is a very important stage of the process, this allows us to check and adjust the colour within the scanned or supplied file.

We use only the best scanning targets, software and monitors to display and generate our icc profiles. It can be a rather lengthy process with some artworks however we have a colour correction option to fit every budget.

In basic terms the Colour Matching and Proofing stage is all about the opportunity to fine tune and tweak colours until a colour match is complete. 9/10 times this is all done while we have the original artwork with us, this gives us a direct reference when adjusting and matching the colours.

The Colour Matching and Proofing is produced on the material selected by the artist that will eventually be used for the giclee reproductions. So by doing this you see first hand the exact colours and finish you will see in the first giclee reproduction.

We have a number of price options to fit every budget, ask us to tell you more…If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements contact us now.

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